Czech Jesuits During the Communist Oppression On the Way to Jesus!  Jan Pavlík, SJ

Editor: Tomáš Pavlů
Author: Jan Pavlík
Translated by Pavel Kolmačka

Copyright 1998 Czech Province of the Society of Jesus, Ječná 2, 120 00 Praha 2

Published by Refugium Velehrad – Roma s.r.o., Stojanovo nádvoří 207, Velehrad
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A Short Summary of the History of the Czech Province of the Society of Jesus
Jesuits and the Birth of the Independent Czechoslovak State
The Czech Province During the World War II
A Short Sigh of Relief
The Czech Society of Jesus Province, from the Communist Seizure of Power to the Break-up of Orders in 1950
Operation “K” (kláštery—monasteries)—Elimination of the Male Religious Orders and Congregations on the Night of 13 to 14 April 1950.
Monastery Camps
Army Camps—PTP (Hard Labour Technical Squads)
Czech Province Jesuits in Civil Occupations
A Few Words about Convicted Jesuits
The Third Stage of Dispersal of the Society of Jesus Czech Province

What I am here presenting to the reader is only a concise and very factual overview of the events concerning the dispersal of the Czech Province of the Jesuits and the activities of its members in general. This is a summary of my book “Budou vás vydávat soudům” (They Will Hand You Over to the Courts), which was published in 1995 and met with a surprisingly friendly reception from readers.

This work lacks the narrative style which gives a spark of life to events, the spark which awakens interest and helps us understand better the things that happen. But the plain reality can also testify to truth, hope and love for God and can promote a sense of truth and justice in people. It is also a testament to the source of patience in love as well as an example for those who have erred or who are enemies of the Jesuits.

After this short preface I will be pleased if the reader joins me on this journey through the history of Czech Jesuits from the beginnings of the order.

The events concerning the dispersal can be divided into three stages. The first stage, when Czech Jesuits suffered most, is the period of cruel persecution of all Czech Jesuits (for a shorter or longer time), in both single and repeated arrests. The aim of the second part is to describe the short two-year period, 1968-69, known as the “Prague Spring.” The third stage is a period of less cruel but very purposeful persecution during the so-called “normalisation.” This period in the lives of Czech Jesuits lasted from 1970 till the fall of Communism at the end of 1989.

I believe that readers will see this work with an open mind and will be able to read it for guidance, for establishing a better relationship to the Society of Jesus, and for their own education.

The Author